After a person accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they begin the discipleship process. Grace Pointe outlines this discipleship process using the word I.M.P.A.C.T. because the ultimate goal for a disciple of Jesus is to make an impact for God’s kingdom on earth.

INFANCY (Stage 1)
This first stage happens after a person becomes a believer. The goal is to become teachable, understanding there are things in your life you need to change and learn in order to grow in your faith.

MARRY ME (Stage 2)
This second stages is defined by emotional, mountain top type feelings toward God. But, we can’t stay in this stage forever. Emotional love must move towards abiding love that learns to live on the mountain and in the valley of faith.

The parenting stage is all about gaining knowledge. This is where a person learns about the Bible and begins to grow in order to share God’s love with others.

The fourth stage of the discipleship process is all about grace. During this stage a person accepts the depth of God’s free love for deeply flawed humans. But, acceptance should move a person to change even more deeply.

Character is all about our heart. As a person accepts God’s love, their heart is changed. A person with a changed heart will better be able to move to the final discipleship stage.

The person who truly trusts God no matter what will not be swayed by the various storms of life. This person’s life will be oriented through generous service and giving, realizing that life is not about them. This person will find peace and purpose in building God’s kingdom on earth.