Community Involvement

Community Involvement

God doesn’t call us into isolation, but into engagement— to work for the peace and prosperity of our city. He redeems us from being isolated to being engaged and equipped as a part of His church. Grace Pointe has a long history of engaging our communities. For example, we created, launched, and run a lunch buddy program in our local school. We also host a number a Christmas event each year (Christmas Caring) where we invite families from our local schools who are in need to come and enjoy a day together as we build relationships and provide practical assistance.

We also partner with various organizations to help those in need of a helping hand. These are organizations like:

  • Feed My Starving Children: an organization that puts food in the mouths of the hungry all over the world.
  • Living alternatives: a pregnancy crisis center that helps with unexpected pregnancies and new moms.
  • Lunch Buddy (district 202): a mentoring program where we develop supportive relationships with students and their families.
  • Green Harvest Food Pantry: helps the homeless and those in need.
  • SamaraCare: a counseling center that helps many in our community struggling with a variety of challenges
  • Lakewood Nursing Home.  A local nursing home where we serve to support residents and staff.
  • Hands of Grace: providing meals for those in crisis
  • Stephen’s Ministry: a ministry to come alongside others in need of emotional and spiritual support, guidance, and insight
  • Griefshare: A small group ministry for those who are going through a loss.

If you’re looking to help make a practical difference to those in our community and around the world, there are plenty of opportunities at Grace Pointe. And it’s all fueled by passionate volunteers. People like you.

If you’re interested in being added to our growing list of volunteers, please fill out the form below: