At Grace Pointe, being on mission with God is in our DNA. We GO in order to GROW. Our church offers many ways a person can join the mission of God in the world and GO. As God sent his own son into the world to show love, so we want to send as many people as possible into the world to share and show the care and kindness of God.

Grace Pointe offers four main ways to GO: Missions, Community Involvement, Sharing Your Faith, and Encouraging Others.

Missions: We partner with various ministries around the world for service internationally.

Community Involvement: Grace Pointe also offers many opportunities to serve locally.

Sharing Your Faith: Showing up and sharing your time with someone is one way to show God’s love. But, believers should also always be ready to share their faith.

Encouraging Others: Encouragement is central to the message and mission of Jesus. Encouraging others is a practical way to join Jesus’ mission in your daily life.