Giving Time

There are many ways a person can give toward the ministry of the church. One of the most important ways a follower of Jesus gives is through their time. Offering our time through service is one of the primary ways a Christian grows in their faith. As a church we want you to find a place you’re passionate to serve. At Grace Pointe, we want to fuel your fire for service.

Serving within the church is one of the most important ways a follower of Jesus grows in their faith. During Jesus’ earthly ministry his disciples were constantly ministering to needy people desperate for healing. The disciples did take time to rest and pray, but it’s important to note the bulk of their time was spent ministering to others.

If you are looking to become more like Jesus, it will happen through service. Serving others is the place where the Holy Spirit most quickly reveals our weaknesses and refines us into his image.

The apostle Paul also compared the church to the body of Christ. He explained that each member of God’s family has a role to play within the church. If you are a follower of Jesus, then you play a part in the body of Christ.

Grace Pointe offers many places to serve within the church and the surrounding community. You can learn more HERE.