Worship Service

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Worship Service

Gathering for worship each Sunday is an important part of the Christian faith. God seems to grow a group together in special ways as they gather each Sunday for worship.

Life sometimes feels like a highway at rush hour; stressful and fast. God easily becomes forgotten in the race of life. But, we have a chance to combat this race by prioritizing our relationship with God. Each week we have an opportunity to declare that God comes first by gathering together for worship on Sunday morning. Sunday worship is our chance to gather together, take a deep breath, and recover from the pace of our daily lives.

Our Sunday worship service is created to encourage your faith and help you connect with God. Whether you’ve attended church all your life, or if this is the first time you’ve ever attended church, we believe you’ll love Grace Pointe and hope you’ll join us each Sunday.

Every Sunday you’ll hear exciting music from a live band, along with relevant, Biblical teaching from one of our pastors. Grace Pointe is not a place where spiritual performers put on a show. Instead, we gather together and honestly and authentically seek God. We believe you’ll find hope while taking steps forward in you journey with God at Grace Pointe Church.

For more information, contact Dan Painter at: danpainter@gpmail.church