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Importance of Membership

Why join a church? We think there are many reasons.

1.  It’s Biblical. When the authors of the New Testament address a church, that local church is known by name. When Paul calls for elders to come to him, he is calling the elders of a specific church to arrive. In short, local churches self-identify as churches and function as one group following a local mission by God.

2.  Vows matter. Ask any husband or wife if the marriage vows make a difference. They do – because it’s a demonstration of commitment and because it is often the vow to the Lord that contextualizes love in perseverance and growth together.

3.  It’s about the mission. The local church exists to pursue the local mission God has for them. A city with many churches will have churches with different missional foci – and for good reason – one church can’t reach everybody! But it is important to know which mission one belongs to and it’s important that the church be able to rely on the person for that mission.

4.  Accountability. No one is an island. Joining a local church sets up the expectation for accountability that doesn’t exist with an attender who is a part of church “on their own terms.” We are accountable because we live in humility and submission to one another. Our Love Shapes Character to be more Christ-like. Specifically: Theological accountability, Relational accountability, Missional accountability

5.  Growth in Service. The Bible teaches that we “go to grow.” We join the Body of Christ because Christ has equipped us specifically to build up His church. We exercise our spiritual gifts because it is in the giving that we are transformed into His likeness.

6.  Resources. God can fund His ministry through the local church any way He chooses. It is by HIS design that local ministry to the community is funded through the tithes and offerings of His people. In membership, we are free to give more than the minimum joyfully and sacrificially.

Becoming a Member of Grace Pointe

If you’re interested in being a member, then the process is simple:

  1. Grab a membership booklet and start going through it. If you’d prefer to do things in groups or over coffee with someone, reach out to our Connection & Care department.
  2. Once your booklet is complete, contact our main office. We will connect you with our elders.
  3. Two of our elders will then have a conversation with you. This may seem intimidating, but it’s really not. It’s actually an opportunity for them to get to know you, pray with you, and celebrate your decision. One becomes a member by way of recommendation by our elders.
  4. Let us celebrate with you at our GP Rise event.