Adult Classes

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Connecting Groups

It is so easy to come in and hear a message and then leave and forget everything we’ve heard as we get back to our regular lives. But the goal isn’t to just hear what God’s word says— we need to take it and apply it. Connecting groups meet right after church on Sunday morning (10:30am) and are mid-size groups with the goal of connecting together as we work to connect God’s word into our lives. During the hour a group will spend time answering a series of discussion questions based on that mornings message to help us move from hearing to doing (James 1:22). Everyone has the opportunity to share, but if you prefer to just listen, you can do that as well.

  • Kids meet in their normal spaces
  • Jr. High and High School gather in room 120
  • 20-30’s meet in the sports court at the end of the building
  • 40’s-50’s meet in the sanctuary
  • 60’s and better meet in room 104

For more information, please contact Dan Painter at