About Grace Pointe Church


Can anyone go on a mission trip?2018-10-19T22:07:00-05:00

At Grace Pointe, we believe you are on a mission no matter where you are. We want everyone within our church to experience a mission trip. So, we offer multiple opportunities, both local and international, that could fit the needs of your family.

Is tithing required?2018-10-19T22:07:41-05:00

No, tithing is not required. But, giving is an important way disciples of Jesus develop their faith.

Is giving confidential?2018-10-19T22:08:22-05:00

Only leaders directly connected with financial responsibilities will have access to financial records. As a church, we try to limit this access as much as possible. Those who do have access to financial records are instructed to maintain giving confidentiality.

Do the pastors offer counseling?2018-10-19T22:09:32-05:00

Our pastors would be happy to meet with you for one counseling session. Otherwise, they suggest SamaraCare Counseling.

What are the qualifications/responsibilities of deacons and elders?2018-10-19T22:10:35-05:00

Our church is pastor-led, elder protected. Elders at Grace Pointe are spiritual leaders entrusted to help protect the mission and ministry of Grace Pointe. Deacons oversee the various care ministries of the church.

Why should I join a Life Group?2018-10-19T22:11:19-05:00

Faith is meant to be experienced in community. Life groups at Grace Pointe are the places where new friendships are developed and real faith is expressed.

How do I find a place to serve at GPP?2019-03-09T22:01:34-06:00

There are multiple places a person can serve at Grace Pointe.  Check out our Immediate Opportunities to Serve section to learn more.

What do I need to do to be baptized?2019-03-14T15:54:57-05:00

If you’re interested in making this public declaration of faith, we’d love to have a conversation with you! At our campus, we baptize at least one time per quarter. We offer a class on baptism as well. For more information on the next round, please contact Dan Painter at: danpainter@gracepointe.us

Why should I become a member?  Or How do I become a member?2018-10-24T14:18:47-05:00

Membership is a great way to dive deeper at Grace Pointe. You can learn more about membership by clicking HERE.

Do you baptize infants?  What is your stand on baptism?2018-10-24T14:15:00-05:00

We believe baptism is a conscious decision a person makes to publicly declare their faith in Jesus. Therefore, we do not baptize infants. You can read more HERE.

Do you have a Statement of Faith?2018-10-19T22:18:17-05:00

To read our Statement of Faith, please click here.

What programs are offered for youth?2018-10-24T14:20:31-05:00

Children matter at Grace Pointe Church. We offer a full range of children’s programming from birth through 6th grade.

What are your core values?2018-10-24T14:17:23-05:00

Four core values drive our church.

  • The Word is the Filter
  • Pray at all Times
  • Love Shapes Character
  • Go to Grow
What denomination are you?2018-10-19T22:16:51-05:00

Grace Pointe is non-denominational, Bible based, Christ-centered church.