About Grace Pointe Church

About Us

A Bit of Our History
During the year 1964, 32 Naperville residents and believers in Jesus Christ began to meet together to worship. They founded Naperville Bible Church. This body of believers met in a garage but eventually grew in number and decided to build a place where they could worship together. So, in 1968, they purchased the property at the corner of Maple and Olesen in Naperville, Illinois and began building a place of worship.

This body of believers continued to grow in number. Little by little the church expanded the facility until they had reached the capacity of the property. A decision was made to begin to plant churches in the Chicago suburbs. During the year 1986, Naperville Bible Church began a search for additional properties upon which they could plant and build new churches.

Property in Plainfield was purchased at the corner of 248th and 127th. Naperville Bible Church established a new congregation in Plainfield but could not yet afford to build on the new property. This congregation met at Scullen Middle School and eventually moved to Plainfield North High School. Since this congregation was being established in Plainfield they could no longer use the name Naperville Bible Church. Therefore, Naperville Bible Church changed its name to Grace Pointe Church.

Grace Pointe Church of Plainfield moved to its present location in 2010. Grace Pointe Church of Naperville remained at the Naperville site located at Maple and Olesen. Due to fiscal responsibilities and Biblical stewardship principles, the decision was made to sell the land at 248th and 127th in Plainfield and make the new location into the permanent location of Grace Pointe Church of Plainfield. The church is now established at 14210 S. Rt. 30 in Plainfield.

Grace Pointe Church of Plainfield welcomed a new Campus Pastor in 2013. Pastor Dan Painter had been the Campus Pastor of Grace Pointe Church of Naperville where he served until the end of the summer of 2013 when he became the Campus Pastor at Grace Pointe Church of Plainfield. He and his wife, Sarah, have four boys.

In 2014, Grace Pointe Naperville welcomed a new Campus Pastor, Derek Webster. Derek and his wife, Melissa, have served in full-time ministry for over 23 years including work in the United States and nine Nordic countries. He has been smuggled under blankets and evaded government tails to share the Gospel and train local leaders in closed countries. Derek has a heart for the local church as God’s primary tool to influence the nations. Derek also serves Grace Pointe as the Visionary Leader for both campuses.

Grace Pointe Naperville continues to meet in Naperville at the corner of Maple and Olesen under the direction of Pastor Webster. Both campuses serve the thriving and growing local communities through a multitude of diverse ministries.

Our Vision, Mission and Values
We envision “a world full of healthy local churches.”

We work toward that Vision by being laser-focused on spiritual maturity. Our mission is, “To help as many people become as much like Jesus Christ in the shortest time possible.” Grace Pointe is growing, changing, and learning to be a community where everyone can mature in Christ.

To help guide us in our Mission toward our Vision, we have 4 Core Values that make up the heart of our church:

  • The Word is the Filter: The bible helps discern His voice.
  • Pray at all Times: A running dialogue with Him keeps us on track.
  • Love Shapes Character: Because God is Love.
  • Go to Grow: The order matters.

The future is being written. We would love for you to join our story.