The 4 G's

The 4 G’s

Grace Pointe helps families grow spiritually by focusing on four areas for discipleship. We call them the 4 G’s: Gather, Give, Go, and Grow.

Gather:Gathering together in community is a great way to grow spiritually.  Join us our exciting worship services each Sunday at 9:00 am.

Give: Giving of your time and treasures is another great way to join the mission of God. Setting aside a certain percentage of your monthly pay for God, along with serving others is a meaningful way to grow in your faith. Service helps re-orient our lives to God’s priorities over our own.

Go: At Grace Pointe, being on mission with God is in our DNA. We believe followers of Jesus should follow his example by bringing the good news of God’s love to every corner of the globe. At Grace Pointe we work to instruct, equip and encourage you to do just that.  We offer four main ways to GO: Missions, Community Involvement, Sharing Your Faith, and Encouraging Others.

Grow: Once a person becomes a follower of Christ, they should never settle for sitting in a seat on Sunday morning. Instead, they should continue to challenge themselves to find new ways to grow and stretch their faith to become more like Jesus. After all, that is our mission statement!